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This page is mainly for me to present my electronics projects, and to encourage and support other engineers and engineering students. Most of my projects will be microcontroller or computer oriented. In addition to my projects, this site is also a place to learn about electronics, microcontrollers and control systems. I have tutorials, project descriptions, schematics, and links to related sites. Since this is my personal page, I also have pages about my hobbies: family activities and independant living. You may also purchase kits and text books to help the budding engineer get into our field, and the established engineer, currently working in another discipline, to learn more about how control systems can help him or her in their current field. .

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This front page was mostly produced in Gedit, Notepad and other text editors. I wanted to have a chance to improve my HTML and web design skills and so, much of it may stay in "hand-generated" HTML code. You may also find some code generated by different development tools as I test different tools and the results they generate, thus you may see some differences in style as I learn new skills or find new ways to do things.

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